Beating the Odds


Beating The Odds

Have you ever wondered how President Obama ended up being the president of the United States of America; how Oprah Winfrey ended up being the richest woman on earth, how Chuck Kaparich built the carousel in Missoula, Montana starting off with only four painted ponies in his garage; how Erik Weihenmaye, who lost all his eyesight in his early teen years, later became a world-class mountain climber when he got to the top of Mount Everest, a feat only few people have accomplished; how Og Mandino went from being a disillusioned alcoholic to becoming a writer with over 40 millions books sold? How all these people and many others achieved their full destiny in life is not a secret. It is what this book is all about.

In “Beating the Odds”, the author enunciates eight practical principles for beating the odds in life. With compelling life experiences and keen biblical insight, he provides a framework for the application of these principles to everyday life in ways that motivate the mind and incite the heart to action. The truth is that you can become all that you are destined to be because there is a sacredness in you that is greater than your opposition. Read this book and you will find out how.

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