Devotional Prayer Booklet


Devotional Booklet With Specific Intercessory Prayers

The prayers in this Devotional booklet are meant to express real emotions as one connects with God in moments of need and thanksgiving. A great resource for anyone who needs a personal conversation with God! A wonderful gift to friends and family!

This booklet contains


 Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Intercessory prayers in time of great need
Prayer for a Successful Business Venture
Novena Prayer for Healing and Restoration
Prayer for Protection and Deliverance
Morning and Night Prayers
Prayers against Bad Dreams
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Prayer of a Couple for a Successful Marriage
Prayer of Parents for their Children
Prayer for a Single Parent

It is my hope that you will find your own words in these prayers and encounter the Triune God in a very real and personal way. You can preview the “Morning Devotional Prayers” or the “Intercessory Prayer for Single Parent“, that are contained in this book.