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Lucy S

October 27, 2021 at 4:00:00 AM

It's amazing going through all the Reflections. One gets to experience biblical lessons with real-life applications. What powerful evangelization materials!

Lucy Sefia

Sefia Designs

September 19, 2020 at 12:30:00 AM

I cannot say enough about the Ask and You Shall Receive Prayer Book. It is so obvious that the words were inspired by the Holy Spirit. I have found the book to be a little bundle of spiritual gem especially in these challenging times when one seems to be "prayer dry" The prayers have had direct impact on challenges I have been facing. My children as teens also rave about the spiritual impact the prayer book has had on their lives, especially at times when they feel they have "nothing to say to God" The prayers are written in words that prompt contact with the heavens. I have also found the reflections on the website to be on point and must-read spiritual tools both for ones personal upliftment and understanding the essence behind some of our Catholic traditions. Kudos Msgr.! Thanks for allowing the Holy Spirit use you to bless our world with your gifts.

Uju Egonu

“I never really thought there was anything lacking in my approach to life and faith. I had settled into a relationship of peaceful indifference with God; I imagined I was doing a “good enough” job of being Christian, within the limits of human error. However, my “encounter” with the book Beating the Odds became the catalyst required to agitate my mind to new ways of thinking. The book in its totality is indeed an encounter because you come away from each chapter with the feeling of having just spoken to an old, familiar friend who knows you and who is not bashful about confronting you with truths about your reality.”

“Almost from the first page, certain uncomfortable realizations were provoked within me that have continued to challenge my core attitudes and behavior. “Life is not so much about how we start; it is about how we finish and how we finish is very much dependent upon how prepared we are” (page 1). This was by no means the first time I was reading the parables in Matthew 25; I was very familiar with them all and thought that I got the message, which was to me, essentially – be prepared. On a fundamental intellectual level, these parables do speak of preparedness and accountability. However the excellent deconstruction of these verses by the author not only demystifies the myriad interpretations/indications they hold for so many but more importantly, it creates a very relatable atmosphere with REAL solutions to REAL problems for REAL people, TODAY.”

“Beating the Odds challenges the reader out of complacency and ambivalence through the various real-life testimonies (significantly, the author’s own experiences and trials on his journey to the priesthood; p. 62) and anecdotes which show that the application of faith, through prayer and persistence, when incorporated into character really does produce results.  So, all of a sudden the Bible – The Word of God, ceases to be some ancient document filled with ambiguous language and counter-intuitive scenarios but becomes a contemporary and relevant resource for building strength of character with which to meet everyday challenges head-on”

Mary F. Brown

“In the beginning, I could not even read this book because I knew it was going to challenge me to think outside the box and take ownership of my life. Guess what, it did. In a world in which the ladder to success can many a time be crowded, this book helped me to see that I can create my own ladder of success and put myself on top of it. My word to all is: “Read this book and face the “you” in the mirror. It will surely ignite the fire in your soul to move your life to a new level”

Ann Joseph

“A scripture-inspired, self-improvement guide which is insightful, relevant and a stimulating read, this handbook inspires us not just to reflection but also, to action. It posits the idea that if we want something in life, we make a plan for it, we work at it and we faith it into reality. Accordingly, it explores practical principles to help us realize our full potential both, materially and spiritually while not losing sight of our ultimate purpose in life – that of service to humanity”

Caroline Ilogienboh

Author of Saving Bekyah

“Beating the Odds walks you through how to conceive an idea, execute it, overcome challenges and revel in your accomplishment. This book is a must read for anyone who wishes to live a purposeful life.”

Fr. Vincent Amusuo

“If all authority were to be in my hand, I would recommend this book for everyone to read. It is a working tool and a handbook for responsible living for every teen and for Adults a mirror and a checklist as to where they have been, where they are, and where they need to be in their lives. For the beginners, this book provides a way of life that leads to success and avoid becoming a victim of circumstances; for the struggling, it is a guide for make a “U” turn in life; for the successful, a chance to look back and reflect more about the future”

Ask And You Shall Receive


This prayer booklet, is a combination of all the prayers in an earlier publication--"Devotions to the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacred Heart of Jesus with Intercessory Prayers"--and many other new prayers for various needs. It is my hope that you will find in these prayers your own words, and encounter God in a very real and personal way. 

It is also a powerful resource, in our prayers for others, to help them have their own conversation with God. To this regard, it makes a wonderful gift to friends and family.

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This devotional booklet contains prayers that speak to God in a very deep and personal way, evoking prayerful emotions and disposing the heart for a spiritual encounter with the Divine. These prayers are meant to form our words as we come to God with our spiritual and temporal needs, dispose and draw our minds into deep reflection, and to help us listen and hear God speak to us through various times and situations in our lives. These prayers are written to make catholic devotions come fully alive. The various devotions can be adapted for individual or communal use.

Initial Promotion Copy Price of  $9.99  $7.99 

For orders outside the US, please email me your address and the quantity you want to purchase and we will send you information about shipping and handling.

Beating The Odds

Book back cover from publisher-1.jpg

In a world in which the ladder to success can many a time be crowded and unforgiving, this motivational book takes the teachings of Matthew 25 and develops it into eight practical principles, and with compelling life experiences and keen biblical insight, provides the application of these principles to everyday life, so that readers can see, in ways that motivates the mind and incites the heart to action, how they can create their own ladder of success and put themselves on top of it.

A great resource-book for people of all ages and a wonderful gift to friends and family, and especially to young people.

Get Your Copy For a Discounted Price of  $12.00  $9.99 

For orders outside the US, please email me your address and the quantity you want to purchase and we will send you information about shipping and handling.

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