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The Amazing Mystery of the Triune God

Today, we celebrate the Trinity; a doctrine and a mystery beyond human comprehension. How can there be Three Persons in One God? Trying to understand this with the human mind is like trying to empty an ocean into a human dug hole. Most important, in the doctrine of the Trinity, is not about understanding how God is, but how God, basing on Scriptures, relates and has shown Himself to us, for our sake, and how that revelation unfolded through the work of the Father, as creator of heaven and earth; the work of His Son, Jesus Christ (God in human flesh), as Savior and redeemer of the world; and the work of the Holy Spirit—God’s presence with us today, sanctifying and guiding the Church. So, what we see here is One God, who, in His distinctive roll as Father, is not the Son or the Spirit, and in His distinctive role as Savior and redeemer of the world (Christ Jesus), is not the Father or the Spirit, and in His distinctive role as sanctifier and guide of the Church (Holy Spirit), is not the Father or the Son. So, what we are celebrating on this Trinity Sunday—Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit— is three distinct means of God being over and above us, with us and for us, and in us and among us—three distinct relationships who are nonetheless one in essence. So, what one wills, all three will; what one does, all three do, working in concert, the three playing their different parts in collaboration with one another—one God, who, in three co-equal persons, created us, redeemed us, and sanctifies us. This is what today is all about.

The first chapter of Genesis tells us that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, the internal functioning of the Trinity presents us with a model for the human family and Church community. Just as the Trinity is distinctive in function, so also has God created all of us as individuals, unique, and unrepeated, and endowed us with special gifts and talents for our functioning and for the development of the human community. It is in pursuing that distinctive character that God has endowed me with that I can find our true destiny. Along the trail of my life, God has planted everything that I need to become the best versions of myself. Therefore, spending my life pursuing other people’s destinies or following the trails other people want to will into my life will only make me end up in their destiny not mine.

But as we know, no one tree can make a forest. The Bible shows us amble examples where we see that the Trinity, even though they are distinctive in function, collaborate as a perfect model of harmony, unity, supportive engagement, and a community of relationships. God calls us to work and grow together because when we do, we can achieve more than we can achieve alone. My friends, no matter how good we are, we need one another to build a family, a community, and sure indeed, to build up this beautiful Church of ours that God has given to us. It is a real challenge living in a society where individualism is promoted. But the Trinity calls upon us to expand our circle of relationships; to support the work of the Church, through our talents, time and treasure; and to collaborate with one another in our various ministries and devotions. It takes a village, indeed, to raise a child! Happy Trinity Sunday!

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