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The Power Of The Blessed Eucharist

My dear friends, today is Holy Thursday, the day Christ gave us the greatest gift ever—His Body and Blood left permanently on earth for us in the Blessed Eucharist and I was just wondering how seriously we consider what is going on when we receive Holy Communion. John 6:56 says: “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.” Can you believe it? Remember that Christ is the epitome of every promise God has made to man. Which means, every time I receive Holy Communion, the one who holds the key to every promise of God—Jesus—takes up residence in my very being, noticing every problem, every struggle and aspiration, every desire and need, every anguish and hurt, every sickness and danger, every trial and tribulation, and every principality and power of darkness trying to frustrate my efforts, truncate my blessings, and pollute my anointing. Rev. 5:11 says: “To Christ belongs power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessings. That is to say, whenever we receive Holy Communion, we have just been uploaded with power to overcome, riches for our abundance, wisdom for our guidance, strength for our sustenance, honor for our proficiency, glory for our efficiency, and blessings for our sufficiency in life. Waooh! What a blessing! For those of us Christians for whom the Blessed Eucharist is the real and true presence of Christ, we need to become aware of what this most precious food can do for us.  We know from Scriptures that when Christ is in the boat, even storms obey and tremble. That is to say, when we carry Christ around with us as in the reception of Holy Communion, we face everything in life with Him as the commander in chief; quenching every arrow of the evil one, commanding every storm and wave on our path to get off, frustrating every effort that is antagonistic to our wellbeing, and guiding us on the path to promised fulfillment and salvation. Imagine remembering that you are carrying Christ inside of you as you are about to begin a fight with your spouse or friend or co-worker, or as you face the challenges of the day, or as you talk to Him in prayer, what a difference that could make. Friends, let us receive Communion as often as we can knowing that God could not have given us a better weapon for life’s journey than He did in the Blessed Eucharist. May the Christ we receive in Holy Eucharist be our sufficiency in our lives journey, Amen!

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