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One the most beautiful statements in the readings of this Pentecost Sunday, is from the 2nd Reading which is taken from 1 Corinthians 12:7 where Paul says: “To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good”. This passage reveals a beautiful truth—that God did not send us into this world empty handed but rather, equipped us for the work we need to do so that creation may be completed. That is to say, God sent us here fully equipped and in decrees determined by Him for what He wants us to accomplish for His purpose. In the book of Genesis 2:5, we are told that the reason why God created man was so that His investment on the earth He had just created, could be managed; God will not create the earth without managers—you and I. So it was for the management of His creation that God endowed each and every one of us with gifts and talents—the manifestation of His Spirit. This has tremendous implications for all of us. (a) Whatever gift or talent, i.e. the manifestation of the spirit that God has given to us, is given to us because God believes we can manage it for the good of all, and to the extent that we mismanage it, we will lose it (cf Luke 12:13-20). (b) We always need to give others a break in the areas we are talented and powerful, for no one has it all. No one’s gift alone can do the work of serving God in humanity; we need others and their gifts, and they need us and our gifts. Our strength may be someone’s weakness and our weakness may be someone’s strength. So, we always ought to be thankful for people whose gifts are completely different from ours. Let their strengths balance our weakness; let our strength balance their weakness; and let our weakness balance their strength. (c) God may not give us what we ask for but He will always give us what we can manage for the good of humanity. (d) All our gifts and abilities come from God and these differ in nature, effectiveness and duration, not according to our faith, but according to His wisdom, graciousness and power. (e) We ought therefore to be willing to utilize our gifts wholeheartedly, not holding back anything from God’s service but remaining faithful in seeking ways to serve others and our Church. (f) We should always give glory to God for how well we have managed His gifts, and seek reconciliation during moments of mismanagement. Bottom-line, we are the tool God has equipped for his work on earth, let us do our best with it, for that is, ultimately, what we are accountable for. May God grant us the wisdom, understanding and knowledge, to know our destiny secret and to fulfill it to the glory of God. Amen. Happy Pentecost Sunday!

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