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Determine To Succeed

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I was just reading some passages from my own book “Beating the Odds” and came across this passage.  “In your efforts to achieve, succeed and maximize your opportunities, you need to strive beyond the easiest goals and reach beyond the merely obvious. The question is:  What did you do yesterday? What have you done today? What do you plan to do tomorrow to succeed?

Have you thought about what you need to have and what extra things you need to do in order to achieve your goal? Remember that you are far greater than what you did yesterday and you can achieve more than what you accomplished today. Be it heavenly or earthly, you cannot borrow success; you have to achieve it.

Determine therefore that you are not going to sit and wait for the remnants of someone’s fortune to be blown your way. You are not going to let chance determine whether you bloom or not. You are not going to let your tomorrow be dependent upon someone's beneficence. Rather, believe that the Supreme Intention that called you into this world has a blessing that is uniquely yours; that you are going to obtain it without apologies; and that you are going to bring to it every ounce of strength and inner disposition that you can muster. There is a victory out there for you to claim, and the time to act is now, for certain things cannot be obtained at the last moment.

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