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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Epiphany Strategies: A light unto my path. The narrative about the journey of the Magi who travelled from the Far East to Bethlehem to see the Child Jesus is a very interesting story. This story uncovers power strategies that can combine to bring about success in any aspect of our lives. How did the Magi come to know that the Child Jesus has been born in Bethlehem when those who lived right there in Bethlehem did not know this fact; not even the wise men in the court of King Herod? This same question can be stated in a different way. What can help one succeed when it comes to life goals and aspirations? The story of the Magi provides deep insights into this question and I would like to explore them as we begin our journey with Year, 2021.

Strategy One: Expectation

The Epiphany story clearly states that the Magi had Expectation—what they were looking forward to; what they were hoping for. They had a goal they were working toward— to visit the Child Jesus when He is born. Life goals and aspirations begin with Expectation—seeing something from the end-zone and then working toward it. Scripture says that faith is the evidence of things hoped for. There has to be something we hope for in this life; something we expect to be, something we would want to experience, something we would want to know about, before we can work toward it. Without expectations, without stated goals and objectives, it is difficult to attain success in life. Expectation generates interest, interest generates preparation, preparation leads to readiness, and readiness is what allows us to seize opportunity whenever it arises. It was the expectation of the Magi that got them ready to follow the Star when it appeared. Without expectation, our life will only be a revolving door. No matter where we are in life, having some expectations, something to look forward to, something to work and live for, is a good part of healthy living. Life should not just happen to us; we should make it happen for us, and that journey begins with expectation.

To be continued...

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