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Living Life Out Loud

I was just thinking about the beautiful fireworks I saw this past July 4th Independence Day celebration. As the shots went off, I saw the fireworks rising, shinning and finally blasting into the air scattering its beautiful colors. For a few seconds, it looked awesomely beautiful and then suddenly it faded out with no imprints left. At that moment, it dawned on me that life was just exactly like that—a beam of light that can suddenly fade and die out. If that be the case, folks, then life should be lived out, loud. Don’t just belong, participate; don’t just care, stretch out your hands and help; don’t just believe; practice; don’t just be fair, be generous; don’t just forgive, forget, don’t just dream, act. Many a time, we are too focused on yesterday and tomorrow that we forget to live out today. Yet, yesterday is gone forever and we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Today is all that we have. Bottom line, we are perishable items and life needs to be lived accordingly. Therefore, don’t waste time worrying; for you are using your imagination to create things you don’t want!

  • Don’t waste time being angry; for you are adding more wrinkles to your face instead of dimples!

  • Don’t waste time in unforgiveness; for you don’t want God to remember all your sins in detail! Don’t waste time being envious of others; for you cannot attract what you attack!

  • Don’t spend time cursing; for you are telling others how low you have gotten!

  • Don’t waste time hurting people; for whatever you posit into existence will come back to you as experience!

  • Don’t waste time gossiping; for what goes around comes around!

  • Don’t waste time sitting around with scoffers; for one day your name will be on their list!

  • Don’t waste time worrying that your life will one day end; for you will never begin to live it!

  • Don’t waste time in regrets; for you are ruining today by relieving yesterdays problems!

  • Don’t waste time looking back; for you may turn into a bag of salt!

  • Don’t waste time procrastinating; for you are simply using the future to escape the present!

  • Don’t waste time living in fear; for you will become paralyzed and make them happen!

  • Don’t waste time waiting upon destiny; for you are hoping for things to happen to you instead of making them happen for you!

  • Don’t waste time looking for people’s approval; for you will be living your life for others, not for yourself!

  • Don’t waste time in misery; for misery loves miserable company!

  • Don’t waste time in hate; you are draining joy and peace out of your life!

  • Don’t waste time being lonely; for loneliness is not lack of company but lack of purpose!

My friends, life is too short; let’s live it while we can. Let your eyes see the best, let your heart forgive the worst, let your mind forget the bad, let your soul never lose faith, and life will be yours to live.


Comments Pat Nwobodo 9/6/2016 Msgr. Anselm Nwaorgu, The prayer book; ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE and LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD are awesome. I read the prayer book daily and each day the words contained therein ministers to me strengthens me. And the LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD is full of words of wisdom. God bless you.

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