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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This past year has been a year of rude awakening—the uncertainty of life, the meaninglessness of material things, the loss of loved ones, with Covid-19 ravaging and claiming lives in hundreds of thousands, just at will. So we cannot but wonder, as part of our Lenten journey, how we should carry on with the business of life in the light of the lessons we have learnt in this pandemic. Here is what I think! I believe that, during this Lenten season, we should commit to live our lives as a people on a time-limited mission and for whom every minute counts.

Therefore, no matter where you are at, in this moment, don’t just belong, participate fully; don’t just care, give a helping hand; don’t just believe, practice; don’t just be fair, be generous; don’t just forgive, forget; don’t just dream, act. My friends, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Today is all that we have. Bottom line, we are perishable items and life needs to be lived accordingly. Therefore, don’t waste time worrying, for that is using your imagination to create things that you don’t want! Don’t waste time being angry, for you are adding more wrinkles, not dimples, to your face. Don’t waste time in unforgiveness, for you don’t want God to remember your own sins in detail. Don’t waste time being envious, for you cannot attract what you attack. Don’t spend time bearing grudges, for you are only increasing the oxidants in your system. Don’t’ waste time in hate, you will never find salvation there. Don’t waste time criticizing and hurting others, for what goes around comes around. Don’t waste time worrying about death, for you will never begin to live this little life of yours. Don’t waste time in regrets, for it will stop you from seeing the blessings of this day. Don’t waste time looking back, for it turns you into a bag of salt! Don’t waste time procrastinating, for you are simply using the future to escape the present! Don’t waste time living in fear, for it creates paralysis for what needs to be done now. Don’t waste time looking for people’s approval, for you will be living your life for others, not for yourself! Don’t waste time in misery, for life is just too short. Don’t waste time being lonely, for there is a purpose for you in this life.

My friends, life is too short; let’s live it while we can. Let your eyes see the best; let your words edify the soul; let your heart forgive the worst; let your mind forget the bad; and let your spirit never lose hope nor faith. Stand up for what is right, for what is just, and for what is fair. Be sure that you are always reconciled with your God, with your neighbor, and with yourself. Then let go, and let God. May you have a good Lenten season!

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