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Shift of the Wind


“Five loaves and two fish are all we have here,” said the apostles, that is to say, how far can that go in feeding these five thousand people? What the apostles forgot was that the bread was going to be put in the hands of Jesus; the only things needed to have over 12 basket-full of bread crumbs leftover after the people had eaten to their fill.

We so often underestimate what God can do. There is this other story, in the book of Numbers, chapter 11, were Moses thought that it was impossible for God to feed the millions of Israelites he was leading through the desert with enough meat for one day. The Lord told him that He will do it, not for one day, but for one month; and with a simple shift of the wind, God sent enough quails into the Israeli camp to fulfill His promise.

When it comes to our lives and what God can do, we need to know that, with a shift of His hand, a touch, a word, or a glance, God can make the impossible become possible for us, at any given moment. Your situation right now might make you doubt this and you might ask: When will God do this for I have been praying and hoping and nothing has happened. Many a time, we let our doubts overtake our hope, and we lose patience with God. Scripture says: “Even if the promise delays wait for it, for it will certainly come to pass—it will not arrive late” (Habakkuk 2:3)

In that passage from Numbers, God said to Moses, “You shall see now whether or not what I have promised you takes place." We always need to believe that, in His time, at the appointed time, the wind will shift directions and blow in our favor. Hold onto this promise, keep your hope strong, for hope is the believing faith that God is faithful and has a plan for my life and will see me through it. Here is what Scripture says, “The Lord of hosts has sworn: As I have designed, so shall it be; and as I have planned, so shall it be established” (Isaiah 14:24). “I am watching to see that every word I have spoken comes to be true” (Jer. 1;12).

May every word and promise God has spoken in our favor be “Yes” in Him and “Amen” unto us in Christ Jesus, Amen!

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