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The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Epiphany Strategies: A light unto my path.

Strategy Two: Noticeability

Expectation goes with the ability to notice things that matter to our expectations. While everyone else saw stars in the heavens, the Magi saw in the midst of a zillion stars, the Star of David. Many a time opportunities abound around us but our inability to notice them can impair our dreams and goals. Two people can easily come upon a heap of scrapped iron; one sees a heap of garbage while the other sees materials for spare parts. Scripture says that in all circumstances, God does provide windows of opportunity to help us out (Ref. 1 Cor. 10:13). The ability to keep eyes and ears open to relevant facts and materials relative to expectations is a key ingredient in any successful endeavor. A mad man once said that he makes the sign of the Cross both in his frontal and in his backside directions, so that no matter which way the kingdom comes, he will be in it. It is important to develop the ability to pay attention to our environment, to notice the pain around us, and to be aware of the impact of our behavior on others. Paying attention to notice little details, little important things that matter, is truly important. Attention to detail is a key component in giving life to our dreams.

Strategy Three: Action

When the Magi saw the Star of David, they immediately swung into action; they headed out to Bethlehem. No matter what ideas, goals and dreams we have in life; no matter how many opportunities we encounter, without action, those ideas, goals and dreams will never grow bigger than the brain cells they occupy in our minds. It is at the level of action; at the level of doing, not words, that life happens. One of my friends once said that the difference between those who get rich and those who are poor is that the poor man has an idea and does nothing about it while the rich man gets a small idea and pursues it with passion. Procrastination is a grave into which dreams are buried, and when married to excuses, constitutes the deadliest tool in the devil’s arsenal for the annihilation of human dreams and aspirations. There is always something we can do today about our dream; something that can get us going toward a desired goal. The Magi mounted on their camels and set out toward Bethlehem. As the saying goes, visions succeed when followed by ventures. It is never about big steps in the future as it is about small steps taken just now. I truly believe that none of us has gotten to where we are today by great deeds planned; rather we are where we are today because of small deeds done. May the good Lord grant us the zeal for action.

To be continued next week (Part 3)...

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