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The Power of the Mind

I was just thinking about Romans 12:2 which says: “Be ye transformed by the renewal of your minds.” It seems to me that God’s tactics in changing our destiny is by changing the way we think—the trans­formation of the mind.

You see, success, in many ways, is the product of our strategies and our strategies are the products of our thoughts and our thoughts the product of our minds. Success in life, therefore, requires that all the internal and external influences on the way we think, feel, believe and act are positively rein­forcing.

It is important, therefore, to set limits on factors that negatively impact our thought processes-negative environment, negative events in life, negative thinking about self and life in general. One or any combination of these factors, if unchecked, can limit your vision, stultify your ambition, truncate your thinking, pollute your blessings, compromise your revelation, and decimate your endeavors. It is our choice if any of these factors frustrates our goal in life. Therefore, do not let them. For more on how to do this, take a look at “Beating the Odds”.

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